Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Travel 'vasana' awakened

I thought I will post a note on how our travel plans start. Hindu philosophy talks about a 'vasana' that you are born with This is supposed to be the inate longing/desire in you that gets manifested given the right environment. I totally believe this. With respect to this want to describe some events that led to our travels in Russia and China.

This is going back to April 2002. We had been in London since March 2001. After the 9/11 incident in New York, I am not sure what the terrorists achieved by blowing up the twin towers, BUT it definetly affected my life. For the first time in my working life, my contract got cut short and from Nov 2001 I was unemployed. Paddy was working, so we stayed on. However, after a visit to Egypt in February, I started getting bored. I had started learning Spanish as we had decided that we will try and visit South America before we go back to Melbourne.
So come April, I had convinced Paddy, that we will finish up soon and travel for a short while and then get back to Melbourne. With this in mind went for visit to Paddy's cousin in Rayners Park. On our long tube ride back (about 45mins) saw this TNT magazine. This is a magazine that targets Aussies,SouthAfricans and Kiwis. In there was an advert which said "AUSSIES TAKE THE LONG WAY BACK HOME' travel through trans siberian to home. That got me interested. So a chance reading of a wayside travel magazine, made me think, 'there is an idea'. Guess what happens when you have too much time on your hands?
Well if you are 'me' you research and read books. The result is I said, 'Siberia in Sepember is too hot' When I think of Siberia I think of 'Ice and Snow' I am learning Spanish, and I cant leave going to South America for too long! So what can we do, Well the good news is , its recession in Australia, so no point rushing back, as there are no jobs there either. Being succesfully employed most of 2001 meant, that we could actually afford to travel for a while! Also, the farm mortgage was well under control! So what the hell lets enjoy the forced period of unemployment, and then go to Aus, where we are sure we will find some work :-)

So the plans were made. Its three months in South America a month each in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Then two weeks back in London to get our visas organised for Russia, China etc and Dec and Jan out there. However, my niece decided to get married in early Dec, and cant miss that can I. So we end up going to Russia in peak winter and spending christmas and new year in Siberia. More about that in another post!

So this gives an idea of how our travel plans get formed. Nothing too scientific about it, and usually a chance reading/watching a show and thats it my heart is set! Life started of with Paddy saying we need to go here there and everywhere. Now it seems more and more me who plans where to go, and he just loves Travelling as long its new experiences! Does not care where! Now read on on our travels. Will post about Russia and China soon!

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