Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why I love this place

I first came to Australia, rather Melbourne in March of 1987. since then we have lived and travelled extensively. I am a Nomad as the blog suggests, but yet when someone asks me where is home I say Melbourne. Often get asked "why". Guess here is an example of why.

This city has somehow managed to become a big city with a fair few small town characteristics. This Sundays incident is another example of the same.

The two of us, as is usual for the crazy nomads, went for our long run on Sunday morning. This meant running hard for an hour and a half or two. After the run, feeling very good about it, and in the smug knowledge that we still had two days of weekend ahead of us (it was a long weekend here) got home and after getting lunch ready, decided to have a nice soak to soothe the aching muscles. However, at the end of this had a minor slip in the bathtub, leading to a 2 cms long gash on the scalp on the left forehead, just at the start of the hairline.

Mr Nomad, checked that I was not concussed (by ensuring I knew what day it was etc) and then cut the hair out a bit to see how bad the damage was. I played it down and after cleaning it put on some savlon. However, when the blood kept seeping after an hour, and since it was very minute, refused to go to the 24 hour clinic and wait. As a compromise, hubby decided that we should walk into the chemist and ask their opinion. Did exactly this at the Epworth hospitals chemist which is about 3 mins walk. Here the pharmacist cleaned the wound with some disinfectant solution, and said, '... I think this is a bit deep and may need sutures' Initially she had said she would put on steri strips (a bandage type sutures) So she just gave me a swab, and said why don't you walk across to the hospital emergency. Now of course Mr Nomad would not agree to what I say, and we did exactly waht the pharmcist suggested. Before going, did ask the lady what we owed her (she had spent about 5 mins of her time and a vial of antiseptic some swabs etc...) her answer came pat, don't bother, its only about a dollar or so! I thought that's a pleasant surprise, Glad the materialistic world has not got caught up with Melbourne.

Then we walked to the emergency department, thinking hope there is not much of a wait. Epworth is a private hospital, which means that usually there is a charge of $200 for emergency. May be that had something to do with it, as there was no wait. The nurse asked me to come straight in. She had a look at the wound and said she can get the doctor to suture it up, or apply 'glue' This apparently is a new fang treatment, where they apply a polymer glue, when a cut is not too deep and long, but deep enough to need some assistance. I said, you tell me, so she said she would put the glue, and went away. In a couple of minutes she came back, and broke this tiny vial and applied it, and held the two side of the wound together for about 30 secs. The whole treatment took less than 2 mins.

Then came the pleasant surprise, she says, I cant charge you $200 for a couple of drops of glue, so just go, and don't worry about it. Just keep it dry for a couple of days, and the thing falls off in abut a week's time with normal washing.

It is good to see practical human values in action, rather than following process or being materialistic inst it. So now you can see why I love Melbourne, and though I like the whole wide world and will continue to travel and experience, will keep coming back here.

Good on you Melbourne/Mebournians, please don't ever change.