Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This has to be NYC

Hey the nomads are finally in the capital of commercial world... and looks like we will be here for a couple of moths at least :)

After many false alarms on a month to few months work gig in new york, as is always the case in our life, two weeks back things happened and here we are in Jersey City. Well, technically not in NYC, but just across the Hudson.  Here is my pictorial representation of NYC so far...

The city with the classic metropolis views :)

The view from Jersey City end - what we see most evenings.

My favourite wedge building... somewhere on fifth ave

From the ferry to Manhattan from Paulus Hook(Jersey City)

Another of those weird shaped buildings...

The Intrepid Museum of Space and Air, with the back drop of Manhattan 
The many parks with things happening all the time - one of my favourite is Bryant park, with lots of things like juggling, TT on offer for free :)
Free Zumba in front of Macy's 
The huge portions of food that can easily feed two :)
Our wrap and Chips in local Mexican that was more than enough for both

The down to earth signage :)

The abundant ferry cruises in non touristy places as well.  We walked to Hoboken last Friday, and ended up taking this cruise with just four of us. An almost private cruise of 1 hour was great. 
Manhattan from our private cruise

Lady Liberty in all her glory at night.

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan from east river side...
The public transport that makes going from A to B like a treasure hunt :). This is a classic. Here are some incidents that makes you think the best and funny side of it.
  • All transport runs 24 x 7  - mind you off peak ( weekends and late hours) has lesser and not all ferries or buses) 
  • Each type of transit has its own ticketing system, so if you are combining a few, be prepared to buy multiple types of tickets. 
  • The suspense of "are you on the right platform"  not being known until the train arrives - yep you may have paid your fare and come in, and then find you are in the track with no indication of which way it goes. Also, there is no way to go to the other side without forking out another fare. This happened to us on the 23rd street PATH ( the train connecting jersey city to NYC)
  • Stations that have same name to ensure you stay fit. The 33rd street station on PATH is about 1KM from the same namesake on the subway, as we found out 
  • The transit web sites ensures the system is a success - one way they do that is, in the trip planner they come up with the most expensive version as first choice, not the quickest... In one trip NJ transit suggested I take, PATH, train and bus to get form A to B costing me 8 dollars and one hour while Google suggested taking Path and a bus for about 5 dollars and in half an hour.  

Having said all this, still amazing that you can just about go anywhere you want to using public transport in the US is great :) 

Looking forward to the cheap Broadway shows, some retail therapy and much more... 

That's it for now :)

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