Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cruising the Vietnam highlands on Mobikes

The incredible easy rider trip started of as a day trip. The day was amazing where we started of visiting the pagoda and elephant falls, before heading back to Hang Nga Crazy house. The day trip gave us an amazing insight on seeing Vietnam riding on a motorbike, and we visited a pagoda, the Elephant falls, a few other things before heading to the crazy house.
This place was really a place that felt like Guadi on steroids for anyone who has been to Barcelona.  The best part was the ability to walk on most of the areas including the bits that were still being built and on some really high and narrow parts. Many parts would have seriously questioned the Health and Safety officers :).

The outcome of this trip was that we were sold on the three day trip from Dalat to Nha Trang, and managed to cancel our already booked bus tickets to Danang so we can do this three day trip.

The trip was for three days and two nights. Started of on 6/2/14 with two mobikes, and the two of us and our bags.

All set for the three day trip
It started with first stop at Tuyen Lam Lake , the other side of the Truc Lam Pagoda and the cable car ride. After that it was time to drive through some amazing sceneries and vegie farms, including a visit to the Turnip farm, mushroom farms, rice paddies and what not. The best part of this trip was meeting the locals. Here are some of those amazing experiences.
  • Meeting this amazing woman in "chicken village" who had her little baby girl strapped to her back and could even say "good day mate" with the perfect aussie twang. 
  • Meeting this really old tribal matriarch who could not speak a word of english or vietnamese but wanted some smoko money. She was so alive...

  • Even our own guide could not understand what vegetarian food was... He would order for us and could not understand that we would be happy with extra serve of the soup and side vegies rather than the morning glory :)
  • The little kids and the high houses with the awesome steps

  • The greatest way to recycle an old TV, what about an high tech alter guys?
  • Meeting the local entrepreneurs from brewers to noodle maker and having tea  and a chat (well sort off) with a few of them in their home that they happily throw open with a huge welcome
  • Trying extremely strong rice wine and managing to refuse the snake wine (wine with snake marinating), that's considered to make men very strong.
  • Sore bums and thighs, result of the many times you had to put your legs over and above the bags to take your seat 
Great trip to meet truly local people and appreciate how the simple things in life makes these hill tribes so happy. Will highly recommend to any fellow traveller. 

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